Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Individual and Family Support (IFS) services are defined as direct support and assistance provided to a recipient in his/her home or in the community that allow the recipient to achieve and/or maintain increased independence, productivity, enhanced family functioning, and inclusion in the community to the same degree as individuals without disabilities. IFS services are also used to provide relief to the primary caregiver.

IFS services include the following allowable activities:

• Assistance and prompting with personal hygiene, dressing, bathing, grooming,
eating, toileting, ambulation or transfers, other personal care and behavioral support
needs and any medical task which can be delegated.
• Assistance and/or training in the performance of tasks related to maintaining a safe,
healthy, and stable home, such as:

• Housekeeping;
• Laundry;
• Cooking;
• Evacuating the home in emergency situations;
• Shopping; 
• Money management, which includes bill paying.
• Assistance in participating in community, health, and leisure activities which may
include accompanying the recipient to these activities.

  • Assistance and support in developing relationships with neighbors and others in the
    community and in strengthening existing informal social networks and natural
    • Enabling and promoting individualized community supports targeted toward
    inclusion into meaningful integrated experiences such as volunteer work and
    community awareness activities.
    • Accompanying the recipient to the hospital and remaining until admission or a
    responsible representative arrives, whichever occurs first. IFS services may resume
    at the time of discharge.

SIL Services We Offer

The Arc offers in home supports at all levels. The number of approved hours of services are determined by the level of need.

Respite services are offered to individuals on the Supports Waiver

PCA services are offered to individuals on the NOW Waiver. PCA hours can range from 12 hours weekly to 24 hours a day. 

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